The individual partition elements (separators, or storage locker walls) of our locker system optimal consist of spot-welded and hot-dip galvanized welded mesh panels at different heights, which are divided with a mesh size of 50 × 200 mm. The wires used for this purpose have a wire thickness of 5.0 mm vertical and horizontal.

Individual adaptation of the storage locker panels can be performed by simply shorten the panels on site. Wall projections, electrical installations, stairs or pipes can be circumvented easily. Since all of the wire crossing points are welded individually, retains the mesh with notches its stability. The support post of the space separating grid elements by means of a telescopic insert be extended to up to 3000 mm, so this makes it possible, even in high areas to provide an ease  installation of the storage locker walls. Also irregularities in ceilings and floors can be compensated by this flexibility without much effort and adapting the partitions.

The door elements of our locker system are provided on the long sides with a square tube (1.5” x 1.5”) and amplified to the hinges, they can be used for left or right. Brackets for attaching padlocks are available as well.

The modern storage locker system point towards the outdated chain link locker systems which need a lot of brackets to ful-fill the advantages of our system. The most important feature is that the storage locker panels made of metal are not flammable and easy to install. Another advantage of the open mesh structure is a very good cross-ventilation of basement rooms since no completely closed walls deflect the air currents and are well ventilated.

The delivery of our storage locker system is possible with or without installation.