The 6/5/6 model is suitable for private or commercial use. The fence is primarily used residential and commercial projects.

The fencing panels also have 30 mm long wires at the ends as overhang. It is recommended for security reasons for fences of 1230 mm height to mount the elements so that the overhanging wire ends point downwards after mounting. Standard finish of the panel is hot dipped galvanized of galvanized and powder coated black.


Available heights 1230mm ~ 48" and 1830mm ~ 72"
Length 2510 mm ~ 99 in
Mesh size 50/200mm ~ 2/7.9 in
wire diameter horizontal 6/6 mm ~ 0.25/0.25 in
wire diameter vertical 5 mm ~ 0.2 in
Overhang 30 mm ~ 1.2in