The Type Saphir fence is a very popular architectural style element and impress due to the variety of designs and range of possible applications. Columns and stone filter can be combined individually.

The type Saphir is made of profiles sheet metal that serve as posts. You can quickly build a type Saphir fence simply by “hanging” our 8/6/8 twin bar wire mesh panel, which also stands out due to its slim design. There are no limits to your creativity: Whether used individually as decorative elements outdoors, as posts for wood elements, to establish a privacy screen, or in connection with two mesh panels in parallel as a stone wall. The profiled sheet metal posts are delivered in pairs and are screwed together at the ends on the back. The post set includes screws for continuous fence.

Application examples

· For fencing the perimeter of a property
· As a patio separating wall in town houses
· As outdoor visual screen and wind protection
· As siding for a carport
· As a garbage box enclosure
· As an architectural element indoors and outdoors.